Thoughts on the meaning of success, your life purpose, and whether you should even bother listening to the advice of wealthy life coaches…

Today I’ve been chatting with several friends on Facebook – about all sorts of matters of conscience, but particularly about the notion of “SUCCESS” and how it relates to people’s idea of what constitutes “HARD WORK,” what qualifies as “self-made wealth”, and other supposed virtues ….. virtues that are, (if we believe our culture’s own archetypes, myth and narratives), to be cultivated so that we can be more like “successful” “entrepreneurs”.

Now, I don’t think I’m completely comfortable calling myself an entrepreneur all of the time – it kind of depends on when you plan on asking me,

“why, little lady, do you believe yourself to be an entrepreneur??”

Well, Have I started and run businesses before? Sure.

Events? – I’ve directed and produced dozens over more than a decade as a large events producer.

Community organizations? – I’ve started several and served on the board of heaps.

….But the thing is, to a lot of people, I don’t fit the label of a true entrepreneur.

You see, I am female, and I have two children.

For most of the last 7 years I have SINGLE parented them. They come before my business, for me, always… and certainly for the next several years until I have delivered them safely into the blissful world of Adulting.

For this reason, if I’m honest, at the moment I’m more comfortable with the simple title “self employed” over “entrepreneur”. It feels more aligned with my current life priorities.

Perhaps I’ll “entrepreneur” into another set of business ventures again soon enough, but then again, on the other hand, maybe I’ll go clean houses and use the opportunity to relax and catch up on all my favorite podcast episodes, albums and other audio delights, scrubbing away at someone else’s bathrooms all the while thanks to my smartphone and headset, without an entrepreneurial care in the world. On a level, I honestly don’t give a hoot at the moment either way. Both sound like fun in different ways.

Whatever happens in my illustrious career next, I’ll tell you THIS:  I’ll be at home with my kids when they are home, as much as possible – that is my priority right now. In 2 short years, my son will reach adulthood. My daughter starts high school next year! Time is precious, and right now my kids getting a decent, present, healthy and available mother is more important to me than my career. That’s not to say that I don’t put in dozens of hours each week in my business right now, but the business is there to SUPPORT me and my FAMILY, and not so much the other way around at the moment. To everything there is a season.  I can start more businesses later. It gives me a perspective that I doubt many other than mothers could really understand, and that’s generally ok.

So, at what point in this blog post is Laura going to get annoyed, you ask? My answer is here. Right – about – HERE:

During my afternoon forays onto social media, a friend shared a blog from someone who had gotten quite upset about another blog. (And here I am, writing a blog about that blog about the other blog….lolol) In this first, primary source of a blog, a well-known, very successful entrepreneur was basically boasting about how he was a “self made” success, and if he had more “success” (aka money) than the next person, it’s apparently because he “worked harder” and had something I believe a set of young men like to refer to as “hustle.” MY friend got pretty peeved about this blog, because the entrepreneur in question ACTUALLY started out by being given control of his family’s $4 MILLION A YEAR business. That’s where he started, and “self made” from – as opposed to my friend, a woman of color who REALLY knew what “self made” meant.

Now, I have to say this before I say anything else here:

Ordinarily, when I read anything that takes a person’s success and cuts it down, I’m the first to object. As a woman, I’ve been exposed to a lot of that “glass ceiling” phenomenon – the one where others, particularly women, aren’t actually HAPPY for me when I succeed – they’re jealous.  In this emotional state of mulled jealousy and spiteful, catty, instinct, a handful of “friends” have managed to show themselves to me for what they really are – let’s just say I don’t count them as “friends” anymore. Sometimes, if I’m honest, I can’t quite “forgive and forget” the critiques directed at ME for being a successful events entrepreneur (at one point… the jury is still out on whether or not I want to be an events producer ever again at the moment…)…or directed at me for launching a website that is mainly about Tarot, Intuitive development, Energy healing and all that woo-woo stuff that I get up to… or criticism directed at me for what I wore when I led my first mastermind group… or criticism directed at me for having the wrong hairdo on a video, or whatever….. so I’m going to be the first to say that, naturally, when I read about someone else’s rise to success, I’m usually the first to applaud them. We are supposed to lift others as we rise. Cheer each other’s victories, and make our communities stronger through SUPPORT.

There’s one notable exception to this rule, for me, though, and that is this:

When someone not only shares their successes, but goes so far as to tell other people that they are under-performing, that they are LESS than the successful people, that they aren’t successful because they’re NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH. That’s right about when you’ll start to see my neck tense up, and internally I usually sense my heart rate climbing, probably along with my blood pressure. Now you’ve pissed me off.

I’m going to take this opportunity to say that most of the “self made wealthy” that I have had the absolute privilege of studying with and being inspired by have a VERY different definition of what “self made” means. I’d love to see a show of hands… let’s take a random sample of 500 of these “self made types” and ask them to keep their hands raised IF…

  1. They have been in a profitable, independent business for longer than three years.
  2. Then keep their hands raised if they received NO startup investment for their business.
  3. Then keep their hands raised if they put THEMSELVES through university, completely by themselves… like, no help with rent, tuition, transport, etc.
  4. Then keep their hands up if they haven’t ever received a business, home, property or other source of income from family… in other words if 100 percent of their business was funded through their own EARNED INCOME, right from the get-go.
  5. if there are ANY remarkable souls left with their hands up at this point, please ask how many dependent minors each of them has at home, and LISTEN TO THEIR WISE WORDS. – THESE are the ONLY people I would count as “self made” successes, in the truest sense.

Why does the arrogance of “successful entrepreneurs” enrage me so?? – Because I see so many struggling, broke individuals with WHOLLY different sets of life circumstances and none of the lucky breaks working in their favor absolutely IDOLIZE these rich, lucky “entrepreneurs.” – Trust me (because I tried and failed, personally….), if you’re broke and don’t have a family to support you, a trust fund, or super connections with the right people, the advice of someone who had ALL of those things isn’t going to work for you the same way it worked for them.

oh – and just so we’re clear on how these “self made entrepreneurs” actually make their money, of course there are all sorts of ways they have done this. When I say I am inspired by my entrepreneur friends, a lot of the time that’s me getting inspired because of someone’s brilliant new business model, or company, or marketing campaign….don’t get me wrong. Some of the most inspiring people I know have made a lot of money in some ingenious ways that have truly made the world a much better place, and I feel very fortunate to know these people and to be able to learn from them all.

However, I am just busting to say something, finally, about one particularly nefarious pattern of “earning huge income” that I have seen develop in the “entrepreneur” community over the last decade…so here it is:

I know many, many individuals who are perfectly ok charging exorbitant sums for “coaching”. (When I mean exorbitant, I’m talking about  5000-10,000-dollar-an HOUR “consulting” sessions being charged to individuals- often women- with no existing businesses-  because that’s what these individuals often charge for their time… that’s the large portion of their businesses, oftentimes – and they call it “high end consulting.”) – when I looked deeper at this “breakthrough business model”  it immediately resembled a slimy pyramid scheme to me- I know HUNDREDS of “life coaches” who have paid sometimes more than 50 or even 80k A YEAR to study with OTHER high-priced life coaches… to learn to become a high-priced life coach, who 99 times out of 100 seem to be perfectly ok “life coaching” others on how to so this exact same thing.

Another lovely version of this “successful entrepreneur” game is where a couple of dozen people all pay a single life coach around 30-70K a year, to get together in a mastermind of other people shelling out the same amount to their “coach” of choice. They then pump each other up regarding how to properly “value” each others’ services, and then go around giving each other 10-50k sums for each others’ services. It’s a bit of a self-perpetuating-feeling, right??? sure… especially when seen with the perspective of distance… and it’s a bit fishy-smelling as a bonafide business concept if there isn’t a LOT more substantive growth happening to keep the “business” going. Otherwise it’s just a really inefficient exercise in moving tens of thousands of dollars around from one delusional person who thinks they have a business to another.

In other words, entrepreneurs who have less than 5-10 years of SOLID, REAL GROWTH in business shouldn’t blog about how they are “self made” and got there completely through their own “hard work” if they’re not going to be completely honest with you about how that actually happened for them… without leaving out ANY details. Did they have a loan?… or investors into their business to start out? How did they get that initial break? How do they manage their work-life balance? Do they have a family? – these are all really important considerations.

Why is this so important to me?? – because of all the poor souls I see who are trying to emulate these wealthy people!!. -.. people who are trying to “work hard”, (bless them), with none of the same foundational resources that actually could enable their hard work to pay off – (compared to the resource set, that is, that their “successful, self-made wealthy coach” actually had at THEIR disposal to build their own successful businesses from. ) -And then when these poor, average people fail to measure up to the levels of success that their “coach”-of-choice led them to believe would be available to them? If that “expert” who couldn’t even be honest enough to show them exactly what their success entailed tells them that they’re NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH?? Do you know how damaging, how discouraging, and how downright ARROGANT that is to do to someone who needs your HELP? – This is why I get mad. This sort of schtuff.

Don’t let yourself feel that you are LESS THAN any of the already-crazy-wealthy people who claim to be “self made” entrepreneurs. They’re exceptionally lucky people who don’t fully understand how exceptionally lucky they are. They have a completely different understanding of the words “self-made” than you or I. You can get crazy-wealthy too, but if you don’t have that same privileged foundation, your path to wealth is going to understandably look quite different.  Most of us have much more normal stories of normal success and normal failure to share, and I for one promise to keep my own blogging real, honest and ethical in this way for you.

I’ll promise you this – your path to YOUR exceptional life won’t look anything like that of a “highly-paid consultant” until you build a FOUNDATION upon which you can become a “highly-paid consultant”… if that’s even what you want to do. Your path will be unique – yours.

And that is PERFECT. For you.

I spent waaaaayy too long taking  it personally when “successful”  people turned around and critiqued others’ struggles, judged others’ stories, and reprimanded others for not having “enough hustle.” In hindsight, I shouldn’t have listened to these people. I should have found kinder inspirations who could show an overwhelmed, broke single mother how to build success. They do exist… but often, I find that they are the more humble people in my world. It takes a bit longer to find their stories because they don’t brag or boast. But their quieter stories would have been more nourishing for me if I could have only found them sooner – They would have been kinder for my heart.

If you want a young child to grow and develop normally, you make sure to protect his heart, treat him with love and kindness, support him and encourage him, and, mostly, ensure that he has everything he needs to get a great start in life. You should learn to think of yourself as a young child. Protect your own heart, treat yourself with love and kindness, and be sure that you are fully supporting yourself and your family FIRST.  No amount of “hustle” is worth anything if you don’t have this foundation for yourself. In fact, if you “hustle” WITHOUT this foundation securely in place, it can have devastating consequences, ultimately even for your businesses as well as, of course, your relationships. Accomplish everything from your center – your balanced, true self, in integrity and alignment with the words, feelings and thoughts that you experience. And most of all, be humble about your successes – celebrate them, but don’t put others down to make yourself feel better! That’s not how this new economy works, anyway.

Thanks for reading, everyone – I know this was a bit off-topic for me, but it needed to be said.

Happy Autumnal Equinox, by the way. 🙂






What Could The Eclipse Mean for the Trump Presidency?

Earlier this week, Newsweek published a surprising story about the astrology of this Monday’s eclipse and what it could portend for Donald Trump.

in their article, they write the following summary:

there’s this symbolism that’s built in with eclipses about…things coming to a close, and in often a very dramatic fashion.”

The August eclipse is not only unique because of its rarity, astrologers claim, but also because the astrological activity associated with it happens to line up with that of the president. The eclipse is occurring in Leo, for instance, which is rising in Trump’s chart. The lion is the symbol for Leo, and thus the sign represents rulers and kings. “At the moment that he was born, certain degrees were activated. This eclipse is activating those same degrees,” Caves says about Trump. When other aspects of the eclipse are taken into account, he adds, “a lot of astrologers are expecting some kind of downfall, some kind of ruin, some kind of difficulty.”


Powerful Meanings & Predictions of the Solar Eclipse

The Fascinating Astrology & Tarot Wisdom of this Monday’s Eclipse

This eclipse is right around a new moon, which makes it a fairly friendly time for all manner of new beginnings, generally speaking… but let’s look at a few of the specific details particular to this eclipse, which will be seen throughout America especially, with Oregon getting one of the most complete shows. Here in my neck of the woods, it’s still going to get quite dark for a few hours, and we can expect about 60% of the sun’s surface to be enshadowed by the moon.

This eclipse also happens in Leo, which is a fire sign, elementally-speaking, and also a fixed sign. The fixed signs tend to help us create stability and firm foundations in our projects.

This eclipse is also in conjunction with the airy planet Mercury, which is a planet of communication, learning, travel, words and thoughts. However, at the same time, it is also in conjunction with mars, which unfortunately has a reputation as a planet of war, passion, arguments, disasters and tragedies.  Some astrologers have also been warning us that monday’s eclipse is in a  “sesquisquare” with the planet Pluto, lord of the underworld’s veils lifting, darkness being revealed and hidden motivations being brought to light. It’s a powerful time.

Saturn and Uranus, however, are both aspected as TRINES to this eclipse. What does this mean? Basically, Saturn and Uranus have a reputation for being planets of tough lessons… Saturn is good at showing us our limitations, and Uranus gives us lessons by shaking stuff up generally. These trines suggest that this eclipse could usher powerful changes, so it would be best to “bend with the wind,” “go with the flow” and not waste much energy fighting the changes that come. Instead, we would do better to embrace the changes and try to ride their waves. Saturn might end up helping us to keep all of the transformation that is afoot in check, ensuring that disasters’ impacts might be mitigated somewhat.

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Tarot Wisdom for the week of Sorrow and Endings [ FREE 30-min Master Class ]

Your Intuitive Mentor and Trainer,
Tarot Master
Laura Kirkendale

Introduction to this class >>
This week, I am publishing a special master class to help guide you through the very challenging period of time that our world is traveling through together right now.

Unlike most of my mastery-level classes, this class is free and available to all who are interested in exploring with me. (scroll down to discover the 30-minute video-based master class..)

It’s been a tough week for a lot of us, and for me, understanding the underlying archetypal energies that are influencing the planet at this time helps in so many ways.

I hope you find the class helpful – please pass it along to anyone you feel might be needing a dose of good vibrational medicine at this time.

Thank you.


According to master Tarot scholars, the period of time at the beginning of June corresponds to the energies of the 9 of Swords – and the ten-day period that begins just after this week’s full moon then, necessarily, shifts us into the energies of the 10 of Swords.
The rather harsh image of the Ten of Swords from the Rider-Waite tarot.

These two energies are often seen as two of the most difficult, dark archetypal experiences of the minor arcana of the classical Tarot – experiences often depicted with a dark background and the swords either ominously looming for the poor figure in the 9, or completely impaling the figure in the 10.

This year, the energies of the 9 of Swords have already been too much for so many of us to bear – with the tragedies in London and Manchester, Portland and Orlando, we clearly see this- and of course just as we come to the end of this 9 of Swords period this week, we have the British General Election, to top it all off!

Many people are too overwhelmed to sleep well at the moment… and this is understandable.

You can find this week’s 30-minute, video-based FREE master class by scrolling down on this page and clicking “play.”
I hope you find it helpful.
– feel free to share it with anyone you think might benefit from this message.

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Tarot as the Key to Truly Transformational Healing Work – a Yogi’s Journey to the Tarot

Your Intuitive Mentor and Trainer,
Tarot Master
Laura Kirkendale

A Deep Dive Into The Hidden Energies of the Celtic Cross Spread.

Working with the lessons and energies of each Tarot key can lead a seeker on a path that ultimately connects them,

in much the same way that a good yoga practice or meditation session can…

to something bigger than themselves :

– a connection to an eternal-feeling, calm, enlightened perspective & sense of calm, deep inner purpose in life.

When this happens for a person, the whole world slowly opens for them – like a many-petaled flower blossoming- and becomes a beautiful place indeed.
The positive, expansive energy that a person can infuse into their lives when they regularly work with these Tarot archetypes and energies changes everything for those who truly wish to LIVE the key lessons imparted, rather than just “seek the future” – Tarot readings and work become the language we can use to converse with our highest consciousness, divine guidance and energetic universe. When we connect with this world of expansive awakening, we “light up”, energetically-speaking…. and from this higher-vibrational state, we make choices that are truly the best for our true selves.

In other words, by practicing with the Tarot, we can transform our lives.

Many serious energyworkers, lightworkers, yogis and healers who integrate Tarot wisdom into their work find that the body of wisdom found here feels like the difference between working in the light versus the dark – all of a sudden, with the Tarot,

you can SEE where the healing path is taking you.

Before realizing that my contemplative sessions with the Tarot were giving me the PERFECT dedications and intentions for my evolving yoga practice, for example, a typical question from my yoga teachers at the beginning of a group class often confusing to me:

If, after being asked

“to what do you dedicate your practice today?”

by my yoga teacher, I couldn’t think up a valid thing to dedicate my practice to,

I’d feel incredibly guilty.

– I felt that I “should” always know what the most important thing to dedicate my practice to was – just like that – at the beginning of my yoga.

Now, that’s changed :
These days, I simply focus my mind on the last important Tarot card that I drew – I contemplate that

many thanks to for the image.

card… I “see” the card in my mind’s eye, and recall how the card made me feel, what I thought the card was about, and there I have it

– voila! the perfect intention-setting for my yoga practice.
Concluding a yoga practice, I often go straight into choosing a Tarot card these days… or even doing a whole Tarot reading session for myself if I have the time… and in this way, my concluding meditations from one yoga session become the beginning intention-setting for my next practice.

In this way, blending the practices of Tarot and Yoga, the more regular the practice, the faster consciousness evolves..

…..and the higher the practitioner’s vibration climbs!
I began teaching Tarot classes and courses back in the late nineties,

and over the years I’ve found that my students definitely share my fascination with the Tarot and its connections to the subtle energy fields that we live in the midst of.
Subtle energy is important in the Tarot not only as a level of “meaning” or “interpretation of a card’s key lessons,

but also as a level of meaning for Tarot SPREADS -the layouts of multiple cards that we work with can also connect with sacred geometric patterns and vibrational networks –

-and so, through working consciously with the energies of a Tarot Spread, the energetics of the layout as a sacred geometric “path” to “walk” creates a special sort of “healing ceremony” out of a Tarot Reading.

The more we work with the cards in our favorite layouts, the more we heal and come into greater harmony with our world.

I have just finished a special master class that is the introduction to a new course I am offering this Spring and Summer – in this course, which is called Advanced Tarot 201,

we learn to master a very old Tarot layout known as the Celtic Cross Spread

– and in the introductory master class of the course,

I unpack the sacred geometry, numerology and energetics of the Celtic Cross Spread for students in a deep-dive, 40+-minute video-based class.

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This Introductory-Level master Tarot class is actually suitable for all levels – whether you have no knowledge of the Tarot or of Yoga or if you have a background of knowledge in either discipline,

you will find lots of understandable advancement in this master class – and you can always expect my intro-level master classes to be suitable for all levels in the same way, btw 🙂

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Sacred Geometry, Numerology and Subtle Energetics of the Celtic Cross Spread.



Cosmic Connections: May 11-21st – The Seven of Pentacles & Refining Material Reality

This year, along with a group of students, I have been doing deep-dive master classes studying the cosmic connections between certain time periods and the energies of certain human experiences depicted in each & every deck of tarot cards in existence. The uncanny energetic connections and similarities that we are discovering, as we study the Tarot’s take on the lessons of each period of time, that seem relevant to our own lives and also the experience that we seems to be watching play out globally, in many respects – are truly astonishing at this point.

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Laura will be reading your question and drawing a card for you at some point during or in the 24-48 hr period after the event’s deadline for submissions – and she will reply with the name and image of the card drawn for you, along with a link to a special mini-class all about the energies and further interpretation of your card.

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The Top Reason Why Most Relationships Fail …

How do others treat you?

– because I am about to make a confession.
I get to give intuitive readings to lots of people every week, and something that has been coming up a lot recently is the issue of relationships, and, specifically,

RESPECT in relationships.

Respect, consideration and other such factors in a relationship, you see,

determine whether that relationship flourishes or dies.

Here’s why:
.. If you moan and complain about people having no respect for your time,
walking all over you,
taking advantage of you, etc etc,

take a look in the mirror.

It is absolutely impossible for other people to treat you any better than you treat yourself.

Look for ways that YOU can respect your OWN time better.
Look for ways that YOU can feel more deserving of praise.
Look for how YOU can feel more like a success and less like a failure.
We are so hard on ourselves… and often what we perceive as coming from other people ONTO us is merely a projection of our own feelings OUTWARD..
…. because it is easier to believe that OTHER PEOPLE are overly critical of us,
not respecting our boundaries… or whatever… than it is to believe that WE are treating ourselves that way.
Begin today by altering your perception of your own character.
For once, think the BEST of yourself.
Cast yourself as lovable – cast yourself as organized – cast yourself as strong – or whatever traits you feel you would like to observe in yourself.
Cast yourself in a FABULOUS light rather than the usual “bleh” light.
And then PROVE to yourself how you are living up to that new, more rosy self-image.
Reinforce it.
Magically, other people will continue to do what they have always done for you:
they will always mirror your own perceptions back to you perfectly.

Studies indicate trauma may function as a “psychic gatecrasher”

Early in life, many naturally strong intuitives and psychics experience challenges.

Many came from dysfunctional families, abuse or traumatic circumstances.

(Many but by no means all).

What tends to happen in adverse circumstances for young intuitives is that their vibration basically elevates in an accelerated manner, so as to escape the reality of their mundane circumstances.

Many individuals in these scenarios actually sort of become intuitives ACCIDENTALLY – simply because their heightened vibrations attract that connection to their highest wisdom – and even, in some circumstances,

a connection to a more etheric realm of beings such as guardian angels – and these connections SAVE these individuals from very challenging life circumstances.

The opposite can ALSO happen – if an individual finds that their intuition is telling them to do things, or say or act in a manner that jeopardizes an individual’s sense of belonging and acceptance in a community, the intuition sometimes gets ignored, and diminishes in strength through lack of use.

The intuition is such a powerful force, though, that

eventually it will get louder and louder,

until the individual cannot ignore its’ calling.

Your Intuitive Mentor and Reader, Tarot Master Laura Kirkendale

It is important to realize that whether or not you feel you have experienced an acceleration of your intuitive development or any damage to it’s development,

you can begin growing your intuition at any time simply by beginning an intuitive practice.

Thanks for reading,

L 🙂

The saddest part of everyday reality for many gifted healers & intuitives…

There is one lesson best understood by all healers, intuitives, creatives and teachers, as soon as humanly possible:

Your Body Is Your Intuition’s Channel

…and therefore, if you REALLY want to begin surfing success after success wave in your own life,

you MUST

“Elevate Your Vibration”.

  • what does this actually MEAN?? – that’s the subject of today’s blog post:

-one of the saddest (but most understandable) things that I often saw, 20 years’ ago,

with other intuitive workers was that

many of them were not in the best of physical health.

The powerful intuitive senses that most of them had were tricky to work with in the three-dimensional world because they would give information that was sometimes a LOT to handle / deal with.

I’ll address more about that later on in this article,

but the reality of this, for many of them,

was that they physically sort of “checked out” from their bodies,

a lot of the time.

This had the effect of dulling their overall vibration,

and because of this many of them experienced physical challenges.

Intuitive work doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead of doing what I often saw my peers suffer through,

I resolved instead to manage my readings and clients in a healthier way and take really good care of my body.

My diet has reflected my intuition’s best guidance on how to keep my vibration strong and balanced for much of my 20 years’ experience.

At one point my intuition guided me to vegetarianism for a whole decade – and then led me in a different direction when I had children.

Now that I am older again my diet is again changing – and I don’t believe that there really IS one correct diet for every human being on the planet – we are all so different.

But the one common goal that I believe everyone should have in regard to their diet is to discover what FEELS the most NOURISHING AND ENERGIZING to YOU.

You will begin to notice your vibrational field as you work with the subtle energy body, and your vibrational field will begin to guide your dietary choices.

I would also recommend turning your wi-fi internet OFF at night, and sleeping far AWAY from your cellphone,

both of whose energies can deplete the human life force significantly and even have a toxic effect on the human energy field if we get overloaded.

Go barefoot on the earth, grass, rock or wood at least once a day from a minimum of 15 minutes – this grounds your vibration.

It is entirely possible to manage your health and vibrational field and become an even BETTER intuitive than if you allowed yourself to disconnect from your body.

much love,

L 🙂